„For those who can please help“ (Hans Messer)

The Hardtberg foundation is a non-profit foundation that should remind us of Hans Messer and his tremendous generosity and diligence, especially in the field of education for children and adolescents. For over 40 years he was the CEO of Messer Griesheim as well as the President of Frankfurt's Chamber of Industry and Commerce from 1980 through 1991.

He passed away in 1997 at the age of 72 at his residence on the Hardtberg in Koenigstein, a place that played a central role in his life, and where he spent most of his time with his family and friends.

He loved spending time in close contact with nature and people, and it was particularly the interaction with children and adolescents that brought him great joy. For this reason Hans Messer was continuously engaged in creating better educational opportunities. He was also a great advocate for equal opportunities, which is why the Hardtberg foundation's philosophy and its projects reflect his view on equal opportunities for children and adolescents.

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Directives have been defined for the Hardtberg foundation's fund allocation.

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